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What the city is built of (for groups only)

Old Customs and Civilian Militia House  (Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Gerald Grote)

You have certainly never looked so closely at the buildings in Braunschweig as you will on this tour! Whilst some very old buildings in the city consist of few materials, mainly wood and oolite stone, modern buildings use numerous different building materials. Why do we build so differently today compared to back then? Is this linked to our lifestyle? Or is it connected to fashion trends, status symbols or even climate protection? Are today's buildings, which are equipped, for example, with thermal insulation and photovoltaic systems, more sustainable than before? What could be improved in the future through intelligent building technology and the appropriate selection of building materials?

Answers to these questions plus a great deal of information on building technology and the selection of building materials are provided during this tour by your expert companion.

Organiser: Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Hinrichs

City Tour


on request

Meeting point: Altstadtrathaus (Old Town Hall) - see city map below
Length of tour: approx. 1,5 hours
Prices groups: € 90,00 up to 20 people in a group

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