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Conferences, discussion rounds, events - rooms for every occasion

Seminar rooms, a scientific ambience, reliable, state-of-the-art conference technology, attentive service and professional catering – all of these things are to be found in the Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig.

Our rooms

Veolia+Weitblick im Verbund für max. 100 Personen

The Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig offers an assembly hall for up to 300 people, as well as two seminar rooms, which are separated by a removable partition wall and can be converted into a bigger lecture hall.

For large-scale events, additional rooms within the building complex can be rented. There is also a 150 m2 exhibition area available for small-scale exhibitions.

Our services

- Provision of standard technology and presentation equipment (a detailed description of the extended technology package can be found on the price list)
- Inclusion of your event into the online calendar

We will gladly recommend:
- an individual catering service
- service staff for your event
- presenters

Further services available on request.

Our rooms in detail

Grundriss der Seminarräume
Grundriss der Seminarräume

Seminar room "VEOLIA": approx. 50 people
Seminar room "Weitblick": approx. 35 people
Lecture hall (Veolia + Weitblick): approx. 90 people

Veolia + Weitblick im Verbund für max. 100 Personen

Seating for lectures

Seminarraum Weitblick für max. 40 Personen

Seminar room "Weitblick"


Assembly hall: approx. 250-300 people



- symbolic fee: on request (generally for scientific events open to the public where no entrance fee is charged)
- reduced fee: for scientific, non-public events, e.g. when charging an entrance fee
- general fee: non-scientific events

Our lease terms

Unfortunately our lease terms are only available in German.

Mietbedingungen PDF (pdf; 0,06 MB)


Phone: +49 (0) 531/391 4113