Brunswick's twin- and friendship cities

Friends all over the world

Brunswick has had contacts with twin cities for over 40 years. Their purpose is to strengthen international co-operation and promote a wide range of cultural experience. They play an important role in bringing together people from different countries, but can function on a personal level only if people are prepared to work at this task with enthusiasm and understanding.

Contacts between twin cities offer an excellent opportunity for everyone to arrange friendly contacts to suit his or her individual ideas: communicating, travelling, getting to know and participate in other environments and ways of life.

Together with the partners in Nîmes in France, Bath in Great Britain, Kiryat Tivon in Israel, Sousse in Tunisia, Omaha in the USA, Kasan in Russia, Bandung in Indonesia and Zhuhai in China Brunswick offers its citizens and guests a variegated cultural scene.

On the following pages you will find an overview of our twin- and friendship cities. For more detailed information look under "contacts", where you will find our international partners' web-site addresses.