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Hotel room block bookings

Are you looking for a larger number of hotel rooms in Braunschweig for your congress, convention or seminar? We will block them in one or several hotels either of the same or different categories for you – naturally free of charge. Participants have to book and pay individually.

Choose from on-demand block booking or group booking:

On-demand block booking
Hotel rooms in one or several hotels in different categories are available up to an agreed date. The participants book individually from the quota, either online, by telephone or fax. Rooms which are not used expire automatically. As the event organiser, you do not take over any guarantees or cancellation fees. These are the participant’s responsibility.

Group booking
Hotel rooms are initially booked as a group in one or several hotels. Some time before the start of the journey or event, you provide the hotel(s) with a list of names. You usually sign a hotel contract detailing the cancellation deadlines, terms of payment etc.

Hotels in Braunschweig

The Braunschweig hotel plan offers an overview of the location of the hotels. You can find further information on the hotels in the hotel list.




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The Convention Bureau Braunschweig provides professional support for planning conventions or congresses.

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  • Foto: Henrike Schönen