Tour through the Magni Quarter with Hugo, the night watchman (for groups only)

night watchman Hugo© Jürgen Köpke

"People, hear and be told that the clock has chimed eight!" With this call and a signal of his horn, Hugo, the night watchman, greets his guests in front of the municipal museum (Städtisches Museum) at Löwenwall. During his 90-minute round tour through the old district, where you find most of the half-timbered buildings in the city, he will tell about his life and his responsibilities, the buildings, the church and the history of this large medieval city.

Organizer: Jürgen Köpke

on request
Meeting point
municipal museum at Löwenwall (see city map below)
Length of tour
approx. 1,5 hours
Price groups
14 € per person, up to 50 people