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Airport-Service: Hannover-Braunschweig

Dear Visitor,

We will try our best to fulfill your requests.

Please take note of the following:

  1. The Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH is operating in the capacity of an agent and, for this reason, is not subject to liability.
  2. After arrival, proceed to the meeting place on the arrivals level.
  3. After a reservation has been made, please inform us in a timely manner of any changes which may become necessary.
  4. Excess baggage must be reported and may possibly result in additional charges. When necessary, children's car seats must be provided.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

Airport Transfer

Transportation is provided from Hannover Airport to Braunschweig (hotel/accommodations). If several people arrive at the same time, we will try to provide group transportation. In this way, the cost per person is reduced. At the same time, this may also lead to delays in departure. We can not guarantee group transportation in advance. Fees must be paid to the driver upon arrival.

1. Arrival: Hanover Airport

Date of arrival: (e.g. 29.03.2018)
Time of arrival: (e.g. 14:35)
Flight number:
Destination address
in Braunschweig:

Return Transfer Airport Hannover:

Date of departure: (e.g. 29.03.2018)
Time of departure: (e.g. 14:35)
Flight number:
Pickup address
in Braunschweig :

2. Reservation:

Number of persons: 1 person á 49,- €
2 persons á 29,- € per person
3 persons á 20,- € per person
4-7 persons á 17,- € per person
Number of suitcases:
Weight of luggage in kg:

Please enter the names of persons accompanying you:

3. Your Address (please provide us with your personal or business address):

First name (incl. title or form of address):
Street and suite/apt. No.:
Postal code, city and country:
Home phone:
Business phone:

4. Remarks:
Space for further remarks: