Old City Hall (Altstadtrathaus)

Old City Hall (Altstadtrathaus)

Exhibitions on the history of Braunschweig are housed in this artistically and architecturally outstanding example of secular building from the last third of the 13th century.

Historical city model in the old town hall© 2015 Stadt Braunschweig/ Foto: Daniela Nielsen

Beginning April 4, 2000, the exhibition "Fairs, Markets and Commerce in OId Braunschweig" ("Messe, Markt, Handel im alten Braunschweig") can be seen on the ground floor. "Treasures" from Braunschweig - the arts and crafts which were produced here within the course of centuries and sold at the markets and fairs of the city are on display. The work of goldsmiths, ceramics, furniture, iron-work, weapons, tin devices, etc are among the items exhibited. The exhibit is divided into two parts: "Commerce: Coins, Weights and Measures" and "Commercial Goods" in which the products of the "early" and "late city of fairs" are shown in the context of social and economic developments from crafts/trades which were organized into guilds through the manufactories and early factories in Braunschweig.

The large model of the city in the entrance foyer from 1671 is at the centre of a display about the development of the Braunschweig townscape.

Old city hall Braunschweig© Städtisches Museum Braunschweig

The exhibit "An Overview of the History of Braunschweig" ("Geschichte der Stadt Braunschweig im Überblick") is located in the basement. The development of the city can be followed in five sections - from its formation in the 9th century up to the present (1990). The sections (I. Development of the City, II. The Citizens and Hanseatic City, III. The City of the Royal Seat, IV. The Industrial City) reflect Braunschweig's history in its political, economic, social and cultural contexts.

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Old City Hall (Altstadtrathaus)


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  • 2015 Stadt Braunschweig/ Foto: Daniela Nielsen
  • Städtisches Museum Braunschweig