Region of Science

Braunschweig – Germany's Hottest Research Region

Research is right at home in Braunschweig: names like Gauß or Agnes Pockels are witness to the long tradition of science in this city.

Braunschweig is at the centre of the most research-intensive region in Germany. Science and research co-operate closely with the economy – a particularly impressive example of this can be seen at the Research Airport, where successful knowledge networking has made Braunschweig a European centre for mobility research.

Over 20,000 students study at the Technical University, the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) and the University of Art (Kunsthochschule, HBK). Braunschweig’s brain boxes teach, carry out research and work at 27 research institutions and 250 companies in the high-tech sector.

The “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft” awarded Braunschweig the title “City of Science” for the year 2007.

The city is home to three universities and a large number of state institutions and research establishments.

Stimulating the Development of Politics, Business and Society in General

The Braunschweig Region of Science links various high-tech core areas of competence in an effective way. Scientific organisations and research establishments as well as 250 companies in the high-tech sector are closely connected.

Some of the highlights of Braunschweig’s technology transfer are Siemens AG’s CargoMover, a kind of truck running on rails, Europe's second largest research airport, and Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH’s Hightech Steel.

The co-operation of business, science and politics has led to joint projects in Braunschweig, the place for business and science to be: the announcement of the international Braunschweig Research Prize (the highest scientific prize awarded by a local authority) for application-oriented and environmentally sound research and development work is just one example of this.

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