State Natural History Museum (Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum)

The Natural History Museum in Braunschweig has a large number of attractions for visitors. One special attraction is the aquarium, showing a variety of fish and reptiles in aquariums and terrariums that are cared for by professionals.

The indigenous fauna, including species now extinct in Germany, is on show in 29 dioramas that are of national renown. They give you the impression of being out in the countryside.

© OkerlandarchivBlick in das Aquarium

You can marvel at the large number of insects in the Insect Room, listen to insect sounds and see a magnified view of the animals at special tables. A live bee colony gives you the chance to study their amazing language and decipher their dance.

A complete overview of the rich fossil findings from the Braunschweig area is on show in the Fossil Room. You can magnify amber inclusions and tiny fossils, and you are actually encouraged to touch fossils at the Fossil Island.

© MuseumModell der Stellerschen Riesenseekuh

Only a fraction of the 50 000 specimens in the bird collection – one of the biggest in Germany – is on display in the Bird Room. The Bird Collection has drawn experts from all over the world to Brunswick time and time again. The remains of Ice Age animals, which lived in the Harz Mountains and near Salzgitter can be admired in a naturally lit room. The museum has a huge collection of such remains.

"Extinction" is treated in the Bird Hall by displaying animals that lie on mankind's conscience. This is because some of the most valuable pieces in the collection are species that have vanished today – like Steller's famous Sea Cow, the Great Auk and the Moa from New Zealand.

Besides the natural history exhibits, the museum offers its visitors many exciting events: lectures, seminars and excursions for all age groups, including an extensive children's programme with things to make and discovery tours in the countryside.

You can receive a copy of the current list of events free of charge from the museum or via the Internet.


State Natural History Museum (Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum)


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