Zhuhai, China – City of Romance

The coastal city of Zhuhai, also known as "City of Romance", is characterized by bays and 262 islands, and directly borders Macao. Zhuhai officially became a city in 1979, a year before it was designated as one of China`s first Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The has city evolved from a small border town to a pioneer in innovative development and a residential city with over 1.6 million inhabitants and –compared to other Chinese cities – a rather high standard of living. Zhuhai is very famous as weekend residence with business people from Hong Kong and Macao. With its well-developed economic structure, Zhuhai offers investors a solid foundation for building production facilities. The fact that the city is not only a special economic zone, but also includes a free trade zone, plays a decisive role in the establishment of well-known companies, including MTU Aero Engines, Siemens AG, Bosch, Nike, Toshiba and Canon. The Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge with an overall length about 55 km is a road connection consisting of several bridges, tunnels and artificial islands and thus one of the longest bridge constructions in the world. Officially opened in October 2018, it is expected to bring further growth. Tourist highlights are the New Yuan Ming Palace, a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, destroyed in 1860, and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom theme park with one of the largest aquariums in the world.

In 2008, the administrative head of the city of Zhuhai asked the managing director of MTU Aero Engines to initiate a twinning partnership with a German city. MTU proposed Braunschweig as "City of Science" and location of many research institutions closely linked to aviation. In September 2009, a business delegation headed by former Lord Mayor Dr. Hoffmann travelled to China to get to know the local conditions and conduct initial talks. Especially due to the particular economic development of Zhuhai, the delegation came to the conclusion that a partnership agreement should be pursued vigorously. The contract was signed in Braunschweig on 1 June 2011. It was agreed upon intensive exchanges in the fields of business, science and technology, education, culture, sport and health care. In the following years, various mutual visits of official delegations and working groups took place. 


  • Student exchange between the high schools Martino-Katharineum and Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben School with the Zhuhai High School No. 1.
  • Exchange in the fields of business and culture

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The Deutsch-Chinesische Gesellschaft Braunschweig e. V. (DCGBS, German-Chinese Society) actively support this town twinning. Click here for more information about this association:


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