Nightlife and Young Scene

Young Scene in the Cult Quarter

bar in the cult quarter© Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möller

The Friedrich Wilhelm Quarter, also known as the "Cult Quarter", makes the hearts of night owls beat faster: Dinner at the Bankplatz and then a cocktail in a trendy bar? Dancing until your feet hurt? Or would you prefer a round of beer in a relaxed atmosphere? It’s your choice! The cult quarter offers something for all tastes. Tip: Get to know the cult district during the group tour "Between Lessing and party mile"

Feel at home in Magni Area

Magni Quarter© Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möller

This old-town quarter, with its numerous well-preserved, historic half-timbered buildings and charming little streets, invites you to spend some time in its restaurants and traditional old pubs: a glass of wine, a delicious meal or live music… In Magniviertel, visitors can spend a wonderful evening together in a traditional warm atmosphere.

Around the University

University quarter© Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möller

The east ring area of Braunschweig around the Technical University also offers a wide range of ways to enjoy an exciting evening. Here you can find Braunschweig’s “Pub Street”: Bültenweg has numerous lively restaurants and cafés with original kinds of food and interesting people to meet. Definitely worth a visit!

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  • Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möller