• A 2/E 30 Berlin Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) (presently undergoing construction for increase to 6 lanes)
  • A 39 Wolfsburg-Braunschweig-Salzgitter with direct access to the A7/E4 in the direction of Frankfurt am Main/Munich
  • A 391 city motorway / west express-way
  • A 392 city motorway /north express-way
  • A 395 Braunschweig-Harz (-Halle/Leipzig)

These roads provide 18 points of access within the city area.

Federal Roads

  • B 1 from Berlin to Dortmund
  • B 4 from Kiel to Nuremberg

These are the most important of the five federal roads which cross or end in Braunschweig.

Explanations and hints