The Historical Moat

© Stadt Braunschweig / Stadtarchiv

In the past the historical moat was surrounded by many stalls and led a slightly shadowy existence. The stalls were turning their backs on the moat but now this area is transformed into a shining jewel.

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH / Susanne HübnerFlöße im historischen Burggraben 2012

The stalls along the moat were repositioned which allows an unobstructed view of the moat. A refined lighting system magically returns water’s sparkle onto the original course of the river Oker. Four rafts allow visitors to stand where the water used to flow and reflective, unobtrusive music enhances the relaxed atmosphere even further. In this new ‘moat oasis’ you can also look forward to be spoilt with food and drink.