Notable people

© Jörg Scheibecommemorative plaque for Galka Scheyer. LTR: Axel Walter Schmidt (homeowner), Dr. Anja Hesse (head of cultural affairs), Dr. Jörg Munzel (civic foundation Braunschweig e. V.)

Following the BLIK design scheme, commemorative plaques of notable people have been installed throughout Braunschweig to raise both resident and visitor public awareness of people who have made a lasting contribution to shaping the city and its development.

The plaques portray both native-born residents and those who have made Braunschweig the focal point of their lives and work, describing how they have served the community in a wide array of social and professional fields, such as economics, culture, politics, sports, and many others.

The project Persönlichkeitstafeln (Notable People Plagues) is a joint project, organized by the Stadt Braunschweig (City of Braunschweig) and the Bürgerstiftung Braunschweig (Civic Foundation Braunschweig), funded primarily through private initiative.