Duke Anton Ulrich Museum (Herzog-Anton-Ulrich-Museum)

© Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Foto: Claus Cordes

The Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is among the oldest in Europe. Its opening in the year 1754 was due to Duke Carl I of Brunswick-Lüneburg, a sovereign whose central concern was the growth of prosperity and education in the Duchy of Brunswick.

The Museum is named after a predecessor of Carl I, Duke Anton Ulrich of Brunswick-Lüneburg, a passionate art collector to whom we owe the core collection of our inventory of high-quality Baroque art.

The museum houses the fourth largest painting gallery of Old Masters in German, sculptures and art from Antiquity to Early Modern Period and a print collection that includes works from Medieval times to the present. About 4000 works of art from 3000 years of art history await on 4000 m2 exhibition area.

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Duke Anton Ulrich Museum (Herzog-Anton-Ulrich-Museum)

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  • Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Foto: Claus Cordes