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Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum

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4,000 works of art from 3,000 years presented over more than 4,000 square metres – the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum re-opened on 23rd October, 2016. With famous masters and one of the most significant collections of old art, the museum – one of the oldest in the whole of Europe – seduces visitors with art pleasure at the highest level.

During the course of the largest cultural building project in Lower Saxony in recent decades, the museum building from the 19th century has been completely renovated. Freed from subsequent installations and equipped with the latest technology, the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is re-opened.

The foundation stone for today’s famous collection of old art was laid by Herzog Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig-Lüneburg. In addition to numerous old masters, such as Rubens and Vermeer, he also acquired antique objects, ornate furniture and East-Asian objects, for example Japanese lacquer works, which are even today still renowned throughout Europe and beyond.

The museum is displaying its medieval exhibits in the Knappensaal hall.


Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum von hinten  (C. Cordes, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum)
Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum
Museumstraße 1
38100 Braunschweig
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