On the Altstadtmarkt (Old Town Square)

Legend: 1. Stechinelli House / 2. Altstadtmarkt/ 3. Marien Fountain / 4. Gewandhaus/ 5. Altes Zoll- und Landwehrhaus / 6. St. Martini Church / 7. Altstadtrathaus / 8. Martino-Katharineum / 9. Haus zu den sieben Türmen

The Altstadtmarkt was built during the 12th century as the centre of the purlieus Altstadt. It was purposely built in a rectangular shape, as can be seen in the spatial and architectural connection between St. Martini Church and the Altstadtrathaus (Old Town Hall) on the western side. Together with the northern wall of the Gewandhaus (Cloth Hall) and the facades of the residential and business buildings and the fountain these buildings form an impressive group on the south-eastern side.

Explanations and hints