Around St. Blasii Cathedral and the Burgplatz (Castle Square)

Legend: 1. The Lion Statue / 2. Burgplatz / 3. Viewegsches Verlangshaus / 4. Huneborstelsches House, von Veltheim House / 5. Column ‘2000 Years of Christendom’ / 6. Dankwarderode Castle/ 7. Rathaus / 8. St. Blasii Cathedral / 9. Kleine Burg / 10. Stiftsherrenhäuser© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing

Dating back as far as the 9th century you could already find the castle of the Brunones on the Burgplatz. In the 12th century Henry the Lion built the original Dankwarderode Castle, the collegiate church St. Blasii, now the cathedral, and the Lion Statue. The neo-classical Vieweghaus as well as the many beautiful half-timbered buildings make the Burgplatz a very important historical architectural ensemble. The square still shows the original medieval ground plan.

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