Michaelis District

Legend: 1. Gieselerwall City Wall / 2. Haus zur Hanse / 3. St. Michaelis / 4. Alte Knochenhauer Straße / 5. Michaelis Court / 6. Echternstraße 16 / 7. Echternstraße 14

The centre of this historical district is the Michaelis Church that was dedicated in 1157 and was one of the parish churches of the purlieus Altstadt. Here you can detect a characteristic urban landscape that was typical for Braunschweig right up to the destruction in the war. It was a high-density area and you can encounter numerous building periods. Along Güldenstraße, Prinzenweg and Echternstraße numerous historically valuable buildings, most of them half-timbered, were preserved.

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