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Inselwall and Löbbecke's Island

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In place of Baroque fortifications, Peter Joseph Krahe led developments to create parks and promenades with villas and private gardens starting 1803. The street names today all end in “wall”. The author Ricarda Huch was born in one of these villas in 1864, although this has since been demolished. There are now two information plates at this location as a memorial to Ricarda Huch.

Löbbecke's Island

Löbbecke’s Island is the western part of the Inselwall park. The Löbbecke Villa and a large children’s playground are located here. The name Löbbecke is that of a banker’s family who acquired the land in 1865 and built the villa in 1881/82 in Italian Renaissance style.


Inselwall  (Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möller)
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