By car

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Braunschweig is located at the A 2 motorway between Hanover in the west and Magdeburg in the east. The A 391 west tangent linking the A 39 and A 2 provides access to Braunschweig city centre within minutes. The A 39 runs from Wolfsburg via Braunschweig to Salzgitter and the A 7.

By train

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Deutsche Bahn provides Braunschweig with fast IC/ICE and EC connections. The journey time from Berlin to Braunschweig, for example, is 1 hour and 20 minutes. From Hanover, the Lion City can be reached in just 30 minutes, whilst from Hamburg, the journey by IC/ICE takes only a little more than two hours.

The main railway station is located on the edge of the city centre. The pedestrian zone can be reached in 20 minutes on foot. Trams, buses and taxis depart from the station forecourt and take you to the city centre within a few minutes.

Public transport from the main railway station to the city centre

The tram lines 1 (destination: Wenden), 2 (destination: Siegfriedviertel) and 10 (destination: Rühme) stop at the Schloss and the Rathaus (town hall). Furthermore, the tram line 5 (destination: Broitzem) goes to the Schloss and to Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße. During business hours, there is therefore a tram every 5 to 7 minutes from the main railway station to the city centre and back. You can also take the No. 420 bus (destination: Braunschweig Rathaus) to the Schloss and Rathaus bus stops.

By bus

Various intercity coach operators offer connections to Braunschweig from all over Germany. You can take a coach to and from Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich for example. And more and more destinations and routes are becoming available.

By plane

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Hannover-Langenhagen International Airport is only 60km away and Hamburg International only 220km. Thanks to the excellent motorway and rail connections, you can comfortably reach the Lion City.

Hannover Airport (60 km)

Hamburg Airport (220 km) (opens in a new tab)

Airport Service

Enjoy a particularly comfortable service: the airport transfer. It takes you from the airport Hanover to your hotel or convention and back to the airport again.

Underway to excursion destinations by public transport

With the buses and trams of the Braunschweiger Verkehrs-GmbH, inner-city destinations are easily accessible.

Trams and busses from the city center to Riddagshausen and Richmond Palace

From the city centre to Riddagshausen: To visit the Cistercian abbey church, take the No. 413 bus (direction: Querumer Forst) and alight at the bus stop Braunschweig Kreuzteich. From there, it is only around five minutes on foot.

From the city centre to Richmond Palace and on to Wolfenbüttel: The tram lines 1 (destination: Stöckheim) and 2 (destination: Heidberg) as well as the bus No. 420 (destination: Wolfenbüttel) take you from the bus stops Rathaus and Schloss to Richmond Palace (tram/bus stop: Richmondweg) in around ten minutes and in a further 20 minutes to Wolfenbüttel (bus stop: Bahnhof).

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