Historic Originals - City tour in a vintage one-and-a-half decker Büssing bus (for groups only)

These tour take place in a nostalgic original Büssing bus. The company Büssing was founded in Braunschweig and is known as a pioneer for bus engineering. Hence, the first public bus route in the world existed in Braunschweig.
The tour in these bus start at the picturesque Burgplatz and pass by the historical Altstadtmarkt before heading south. The next Braunschweig gem to be seen on this route is the unique Richmond Castle with its gardens that were landscaped in an English design. Next stop is the medieval minster that lies in the middle of the nature reserve Riddagshausen and the idyllic halftimbered village of the same name on the edge of the city. From there you head back to the city centre via the well renowned state theatre to the Ducal Palace which is the last stop on this round trip. In Riddagshausen you have the opportunity to get out and have a look around.

Historic Original

one-and-a-half decker Büssing bus© Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH

Historic one-and-a-half decker Büssing bus

Year of construction: 1965
Seats available: 44

For three years employees of the Braunschweig Verkehrs-GmbH have restored this one-and-a-half decker Büssing bus of the type Senator. Only two of these vehicles are still registered in Germany. You can enjoy a tour in this old gem on sundays.

Please note:

Should the historic bus not be available, you have the option of booking the trip on a modern vehicle. You may bring your own beverages and snacks, but are asked to dispose of waste properly. Pets are not allowed.

Organizer: Braunschweiger Verkehrs-GmbH


April–October, on request

Meeting point
Platz der Deutschen Einheit (see city map below)
Length of tour
approx. 2 hours
Price groups
540 € without guide, 669 € with guide. Each additional hour started: 150 € without guide, 175 € with guide.

Explanations and hints

Picture credits

  • Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH