“Aqua Sulis”, the Roman name for Bath, adorns the city's coat of arms. The two silver stripes on the shield depict the River Avon and the hot springs, with the sword of St. Paul in the foreground as a reference to Bath Abbey. The lion and bear, symbolising bravery and strength, stand on oak branches, a reference to King Bladud, the legendary founder of Bath.© Stadt Bath

Bath, Great Britain – The city of flowers

Bath, the “city of flowers” in the south-west of Great Britain, has a population of about 90,000 and is a city with a great tradition. The Romans, who founded Bath, used the natural hot springs as a thermal spa. Various cultural and historical sites date from this era. 

The Bath Abbey built in the 15th century and the well-preserved Roman Baths represent the centre of the city. Bath has beautiful park and garden facilities, as well as architectural attractions. It has been award-winner of many competitions due to its outstanding cityscape. Architecture and history have given the UNESCO Commission a reason to declare the city a world cultural heritage.

German youth workers established contacts with the city of Bath in 1951. In the same year, a youth group from Braunschweig visited Bath and the return visit followed soon. Several exchange programs expanded and intensified in the following years.

However, it took twenty years to contract the official partnership. It is remarkable that youth and adult exchanges were already flowing smoothly at this time.

Soon after the signing of the partnership agreement on 27 April 1971, an Anglo-German Association formed in Braunschweig. The association organizes a wide range of activities and is very committed to the twinning between the two cities.

Official delegations from both twin cities visit each other regularly. Besides the lively exchange in the fields of youth, culture and sports, there are numerous private connections.


  • Student exchange between Ricarda-Huch-Schule and King Edward's School 
  • Exchange between Heinrich Büssing School and Bath College
  • Exchanges in the fields of youth, sport and culture

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