The city's coat of arms, which shows a crocodile chained to a palm tree, also dates from Roman times. It symbolizes the victory of the Romans over the Egyptians. The first Egyptian campaign under Julius Caesar started from Nîmes.© Stadt Nîmes

Nîmes/France – Roman treasures

In the 6th century BC, Celts founded the southern French city of Nîmes. When the Romans took the settlement over 2,000 years ago, they developed it into an important centre. Nîmes is now the capital of the Gard department with 154,000 inhabitants. 

Nîmes is not called the “French Rome” for nothing: The townscape is influenced by Roman antiquity. Many monuments such as the very well preserved amphitheatre, the temple Maison Carrée and the ancient tower Tour Magne are of Roman origin.

Buildings by renowned modern architects, such as the futuristic cultural centre Carré d'Art by the famous British architect Norman Foster, form a fascinating contrast.

Its charming location between Languedoc and Provence, the Cevennes and the Camargue, its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and last but not least the Southern French cuisine and wines make the city an attractive and versatile destination. The climate is pleasantly mild in spring, autumn and winter, as throughout the South of France, while the summers are extremely hot.

The town twinning between Braunschweig and Nîmes dates back to 1959, when a school drama group from Nîmes visited Braunschweig, thus establishing the first contacts for closer ties between the two cities.

In March 1962, the signing of the partnership agreement officially sealed the partnership between Nîmes and Braunschweig. Sports groups and school classes, cultural associations, youth clubs, trainees, postal officers, people doing community service and senior citizens from Nîmes and Braunschweig met each other in the twin city.


  • Intensive cultural contacts - theatre, art and music
  • Exchanges of school, sports and youth groups

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