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Sousse, Tunisia – The pearl of the Mediterranean

Sousse has more than 220,000 inhabitants and it is the third biggest city of the Republic of Tunisia. Sousse is not only the geographical but also the economic and cultural centre of the Tunisian Sahel and is easily accessible through the nearby Monastir International Airport. It has a university and it is an important fishing and trade port. In addition to olive oil, Tunisia’s most important export commodity, salt, dates, phosphates, cellulose and paper are also shipped from here.

The economic success has changed the cityscape in recent years. Modern districts were created which directly merge into extensive olive groves. But thanks to its ancient origins, Sousse also offers a large and very well preserved old town from the 9th century, the Medina, surrounded by magnificent walls and housing a remarkable archaeological museum. In the medina, you will find also a souk, an oriental market with many narrow, partly roofed alleys.

Furthermore, Sousse is a popular seaside resort. Tourists can swim in the Mediterranean almost all year round.

Initial contacts to Sousse were made in 1965 by young Tunisians who were studying in Braunschweig. In May 1967 a folklore group from Sousse took part for the first time in the International Whitsun Youth Meeting in Braunschweig. 

On 5 September 1980, in Sousse, representatives of both cities signed the twinning agreement, which replaced the friendship agreement in place since 1973.

Since then there have been many group activities involving young people in both Braunschweig and Sousse: sporting, artistic and folkloristic. There have also been several exhibitions in both cities.


  •  Activities in the field of sports, youth and culture
  •  Cooperation in the fields of institution building and environment   since the Jasmine Revolution in 2011

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The Deutsch-Tunesische Gesellschaft e. V. (German-Tunisian Society) and the Vereinigung der Tunesier in Deutschland (Association of Tunisians in Germany) actively support this town twinning. Click here for more information about Deutsch-Tunesische Gesellschaft e. V.: 


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