Alte Waage (Old Scales)

The Old Scale (Alte Waage) is a free-standing half-timbered structure with a ground floor, mezzanine and two upper floors. It is crowned by a roof with three dormer windows which used to serve as storage hatches. The Old Scale was constructed in 1534 as a weighing and storage house. From 1854 - 1862 the structure, which had become neglected and dilapidated, was restored by F.M. Krahe. During this restoration, far-reaching changes were made to the façade. Between 1937-1939, the changes made to the façade were largely reversed. During the same period, the purpose for which the building was used also changed. The Old Scale became the home of Hitler's Youth. The building was destroyed during the night of October 14th-15th , 1944 along with the entire New City during bombing. Since being rebuilt down to the last detail in 1994, the Old Scale has been open to the public and is presently used by the Volkshochschule.


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Alte Waage


Alte Waage 15
38100 38100 Braunschweig