Riddagshausen, St. Maria Abbey Church and Cistercian Museum

Riddagshausen is a suburb to the east of Braunschweig. The nature conservation area there, founded in 1936, invites visitors to go walking through forests and meadows across a 526-hectare area and discover the flora and fauna. The expanses of ponds and lakes landscaped centuries ago by Cistercian monks offer a diverse world of plants and animals.

St. Maria Abbey Church
Riddagshausen Abbey in was founded in 1145 by Cistercian monks. The church itself was built between 1216 and 1275 and is one of the oldest Gothic buildings in Germany. Characteristic: Cistercian churches have no towers – only a ridge turret. The church has been a protestant community church since 1568.

Cistercian Museum
The museum is located in the medieval gatehouse of the former Riddagshausen Abbey. It documents the development of the Cistercian Order, its history, culture and art in the context of the partially preserved abbey grounds in Riddagshausen. 


Riddagshausen, St. Maria Abbey Church und Cistercian Museum


Klostergang 65
38104 Braunschweig

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