Othilien Quarter, Ägidienstraße

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The remote "Othilien Quarter" includes a promontory which is on what used to be a far branch of the Oker around the area of the "Konsumverein" house. It belonged to the free Monastery of St. Gideon and could only be reached by a bridge near the former Gideon Mill at an extension of the Ägidienstraße which was known as Mühlenstraße until 1861. Half-timbered houses stood close together in this area and the alleys leading to the church were covered up which attests to the modest social status of the residents. The half-timbered house at Ägidienstraße 5 from the 16th century is the only one which has been preserved. It has a decoration on the threshold beam of the upper floor and the remains of a portal decoration in the form of a curved donkey's back next to the Classicistic door to the house. The other buildings have been rebuilt or are modern and have been decorated with inscriptions and carvings of figures in an attempt to blend with the historical tradition.


© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Gerald Grote

Othilien Quarter


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