30 years of German reunification: Witnesses from Braunschweig and Magdeburg discussed experiences

To mark the 30th anniversary of the reunification of the two German states on October 3, 1990, politicians and representatives of civil society shared their views in a panel discussion on October 2. Around 150 citizens, among them a number of pupils, attended this event. 

After the opening speeches held by Braunschweig’s Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth and by Dr. Lutz Trümper, Lord Mayor of Braunschweig’s twin city Magdeburg, keynote speaker Dr. Gert Hoffmann, former Lord Mayor of Braunschweig, spoke about the German reunification. Afterwards journalist Ingeborg Obi-Preuß moderated three discussions with the following participants: Gerhard Glogowski (former Prime Minister of the State of Lower Saxony, then Lord Mayor and now Honorary Citizen of the city of Braunschweig) and Dr. Wilhelm Polte (then Lord Mayor and now Honorary Citizen of the city of Magdeburg); former teachers from Magdeburg and Braunschweig Ute Mühler and Sabine Meyer, Prof. Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs (Director of the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research), Prof. Dr. Matthias Puhle (former Deputy Mayor in Charge of Cultural Affairs of the City of Magdeburg) and Dr. Rüdiger Koch (former Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, Sports and Youth of the city of Magdeburg.

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