40th anniversary of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone

On August 26, 1980, Zhuhai was declared one of the first special economic zones (SEZ) in China. For the anniversary celebrations „40 Years of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone” Lord Mayor Ulrich Markurth sent a video message to the city of Zhuhai. No celebrations with personal encounters being possible due to the pandemic, the city of Zhuhai presented the greetings and image films of its various twin cities on the façade of the Zhuhai Opera House during a public event. An exhibition on the twin cities and a number of activities such as a quiz on Zhuhai’s twin cities completed the festivities.

© Stadt ZhuhaiLord Mayor Markurth`s video message displayed on the Zhuhai Opera House building.

Extracts of the greeting message and of the promotional film on Braunschweig were also shown on local television. 


© Stadt ZhuhaiThe promotional film “Lion City” shows Braunschweig`s most beautiful sites.
© Stadt ZhuhaiLord Mayor Markurth`s video message on local TV.

Please click here to read an English-language article on Zhuhai’s website covering the 40th anniversary of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone.

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