Destination Braunschweig

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH / Marek Kruszewski

In Braunschweig you can enjoy the versatile offers of a historically-developed big city with the special charm of a vibrant city centre and green recreational oases. First documented in 1031, Braunschweig has developed since the 12th century under the strong influence of the Guelphs and the Hanseatic League. Today, Braunschweig is the largest town between Hanover and Berlin and has approx. 250,000 inhabitants. In the Lion City, a diverse cultural life with renowned museums, excellent theatre and concert events, art exhibitions and major sporting events awaits you. With its wide range of attractive shops and a multitude of restaurants, Braunschweig is also worth a visit as a popular shopping town.

Sights Worth Seeing

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Gerald GroteHappy RIZZI House

In Braunschweig you will find that the traditional and the modern are united: our city’s attractions range from buildings that go right back to the days of Braunschweig’s foundation up to the newlybuilt Happy RIZZI House. The magic of Burgplatz framed by the Dom (cathedral), the Burg (castle), the Landesmuseum and halftimbered buildings which are centuries old, is unparalleled as far as history and culture are concerned.

Sight Worth Seeing Top 10

© Braunschweig Stadmarketing GmbH/Gerald GroteDankwarderode Castle

Visit the Top 10 of Braunschweig´s attractions. Take a walk through the streets and old quarters in the city and discover the historic buildings, authentic ensembles and inviting squares the Lion City has to offer.

Out into the green

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/G. GrotePavilion near Richmond Palace

Many refreshing green oases of leisure alongside the bustle of inner city life invite you to visit: Riddagshausen, a suburb to the east of Braunschweig, Richmond Palace, the late Baroque palace with its park grounds, the Oker in the inner city with the theatre and museum parks, the Technical University’s Botanical Garden and many others.

Typically delicious

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Gramanndifferent "Mumme" articles

Mumme, Asparagus or Braunkohl and Bregenwurst: Braunschweig´s culinary specialities are also popular far beyond the city’s borders. In medieval times, the Lion City became famous for exporting Braunschweiger Mumme and, over the years, many a delicacy from Braunschweig has become a well-known speciality.

Nightlife and Young Scene

© Foto: Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Daniel Möllerbar in the cult quarter

Definitely worth a visit! Dinner at the Bankplatz and then a cocktail in a trendy bar? Dancing until your feet hurt?

Shopping city Braunschweig

© Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Sascha GramannShopping

Over 700 commercial premises from over 50 different lines of business can be easily reached in the shortest of time. The city centre squares invite you to enjoy a coffee or an ice cream in the sun and relax while you watch the passers-by. The shopping city of Braunschweig also offers exceptional services such as free umbrella lending (with deposit) and storage lockers.